New and old faces were seen on Dec. 28 at the alumni swim event that was held in the old pool.

“The event was an opportunity to reunite LC swimming and diving alumni for a final farewell to the old pool and to recognize the championship program established by Mr. [Jim] Tonkovich, [P.E.]” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said.

This event allowed participants to say goodbye to the old pool and celebrate the finished construction of the new 750,000-gallon, Olympic-size pool.

Tonkovich was honored for his dedication to the swimming and diving program. Tonkovich also gave a speech at the event to recognize the efforts of new and old participants.

“The alumni event brought back many good memories for all participants. I am counting on the new pool to do the same for future generations of swimmers and divers,” Mr. Tobias said.

Some administrators took part in the swimming event such as Tobias and Mr. Ed Beck, Assistant Principal.

“I enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting the spouses and children of former classmates,” Tobias said.

The alumni swim meet gave graduates a chance to hop back into the pool and relive a large part of their high school careers.

“The new pool is fantastic. It’s 50 meters, and that is a huge opportunity in itself, but you can’t replace [the old pool]. This is where all of us started. We all started right here in this pool when we were five or six years old. So I’m really jealous for all of the new kids coming in, for them to be able to swim in that pool, but it doesn’t compete with this,” Lesley Payonk (‘09) said.

After the meet, the alumni and their families were able to look around the new school, allowing them to see the change from the old to the new.