Theresa “Tree” Gelbman lives her life as a snotty, self-centered college student who only cares what people think of her. She wakes up on her birthday, Monday, Sept. 18,hungover and in her classmate Carter Davis’s dorm room. Tree is followed by her murderer, dressed in all black wearing a baby mask, on the way to her party. As soon as she’s killed, she wakes up again knowing exactly what happened this day before.

Tree goes through her birthday again, noticing the exact same events, but then pays more attention to who’s around her and what’s going on. Her roommate, Lori, tries giving Tree a cupcake, but Tree just blows out the candle and doesn’t eat the cupcake. Again, Tree is murdered violently that night.

Tree wakes up again and tells Carter exactly what happened and perfectly describes what’s about to happen. Carter writes out a list of possible suspects that it could be, and Tree goes through her day trying to discover the murderer’s identity while staying alive. She has to die to figure out who killed her.

She then finds out that an escaped killer, Joseph Tombs, was nearby all along. Tree goes to the hospital to kill him before she’s killed, but then she dies and the cycle of events happen once again. She goes again and kills him, and celebrates her birthday by eating the cupcake made by her roommate Lori.

Tree wakes up once again, noticing that it wasn’t Joseph who murdered her, it was Lori. She confronts Lori and finds out that the cupcake was poisoned, and Lori was her killer all along, not Joseph. Tree forces Lori to eat the cupcake which kills her, and then Tree wakes up the next day, Tuesday, Sept.19.

Tree realizes that she’s getting a second chance at life, so she starts being nice to everyone and contacts her dad who she’s ignored for years. The concept of the movie is to live everyday as a new day and be appreciative of your surroundings. I highly recommend watching this movie because it’s a horror movie mixed in with some comedy and romance.