Facebook has been the main social networking site for about three years, but will Facebook start to fade away like MySpace did years ago?  Will everyone merge on to the next trend of social networks?

“[The last time I went on MySpace was] February 2010. I wanted to see if anyone was online, and there was one person online,” Erik Wirtes (12) said.

Facebook used to be an exclusive social networking site just for college students.  You had to have a legitimate college email address in order to create a Facebook account.  There are new social networking sites that are exclusive to the public; you have to be invited in order to have an account.  Sites that require invitations include Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Spotify.

“Facebook will die out for the new trend; new technology comes with new stuff,” Robert Pruitt (12) said.

Twitter is becoming the next social networking trend for students.  Facebook seems to be fading into the background with Twitter and other social sites becoming popular.  

“[I like Twitter better than Facebook because] there is less drama on Twitter,” Brianna Martin (9) said.