It is December, now. Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, yet there is something missing.  Where is the snow? Usually by December, it has snowed much and everyone has started dreaming about snow days- not this year.  For the past week or so, it has been quite dull weather, and a lot of people want it to snow.

“I want it to snow because snow is amazing, and I really want to have a snow day so [that] I can sled down the hill by my house,” Lauren Bourget (10) said.
It really puts people into the holiday spirit when it snows, and I love the way the trees look when they are dusted with white.

“When it snows, it makes everything pretty, and it’s magical because it’s around Christmastime,” Taylor Shoemake (12) said.

However, there are others who are dreading the first snowfall.

“I don’t like driving in the snow and having to scrape my car windows in the morning when its freezing outside,” Julia Druzbicki (12) said.

And, yes, I understand why people are not looking forward to shoveling their driveway and driving on slippery roads, but to me the good things outweigh the bad.  So for everyone out there who wants it to snow the weather for this week has been forecast and hopefully snow is on its way!