Scheduling usually consists of a group of students sitting down with their counselors filling out block schedules of classes for next year, but this year was all digital.

 “We used a system called ‘Course Planner.’ It was a good fit for us,” Miss Lauren Chappell, Guidance, said.

 The system was all online where students were able to select courses and leave notes for special request to their counselors. Although the scheduling was online, students were more than welcome to come ask questions.

 “Many things are online so it makes sense, [but] students were welcome to come down and talk,” Chappell said.

 Although many things are online, the first time using something can be confusing so much so that the scheduling system had to be open for an extended period of time due to the fact that many students still had not scheduled.

 “It was harder because you had to go through a harder process by yourself,” Lauren Myers (10) said.

 Even with the large amount of students who did not schedule, the system was viewed as an overall success.

 “I do think some things should be tweaked. It went really well, and it was nice to interface on the course planner,” Chappell said.

 The days of paper scheduling are over, and online scheduling is to here to stay.